Making it!

Pupils from Woodlands showing off their smoothie creations!

Woodlands Primary’s pupils had an incredible day with us. We asked one thing off them and one thing only: Make It.
And they sure did!

The students eagerly took on the challenge we set them. The task was for them to launch their own smoothie drink into the market. Entrepreneurs need to be nourished and of course, need to find help along the way, and we were there to do just that.

Most importantly all businesses should be well acquainted with their product, knowing the needs they satisfy for the customer and what benefits they provide. Smoothies are made of fruits but what fruits should be added and why? Which are sweeter? Do they provide any health benefits? What are they? Will the health benefits satisfy the specific needs of our customers? Students were left to ponder on these important questions all the while learning how fruits can help them lead a healthier life.

Once they were experts on their product, it was to time to move to financial matters. A sale price had to be calculated and decided on. Production costs had to be worked out. How much would the raw materials cost? What about packaging? These were just some of the financial decisions they had to work out within their teams.

No small business starting up is left without practising their all important pitches! The students left us impressed with their great presentations.

All in all, a toast to the Woodlands Primary Year 6 who did a great job launching their smoothies!

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