Summertime Reflections

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As the summer break approaches, we would like to stress the opportunity that this holiday time presents students with. The relaxed atmosphere of summer days is a perfect background to let our young people experiment with different activities and why not enterprise?

Enterprise is not just about having your own business but also about being an enterprising person. Being the person who has initiatives, who not only has ideas but also follows up on their ideas and makes something out of them.

Being enterprising is part of our everyday life activities and can and should be promoted on holidays too. Kids are fascinated by new projects and summer is the perfect time for them to take up ideas, activities and hobbies they otherwise cannot do during their normal routines in the school term.

Popular culture fills us with the typical summer scenes of kids running their own lemonade stands. It is just a reflection of our fascination with projects. Regardless of what activities your kids can take up this summer, nurture and promote them.

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