Woldgate College: A Severe Case of Entrepreneur Fever!

Students at Woldgate College took the Xing Smoothie Challenge and passed with flying colours, impressing many staff members as well as ourselves.

Our latest enterprise event was our third annual excursion with the year 9 students at the Pocklington-based school.

Over the two days, students were subject to tough practical challenges. Teamwork, location planning and marketing were just some of the numerous things they had to confront when being put through their paces. We are pleased to say they tackled the tasks head on, with some surprising results.

The biggest challenge for the students was trading in the virtual stock market. The teams were structured in accordance to the different corporate functions. Each team appointed their finance director, who then had to operate in the virtual stock market and had to consult all financial decisions with the group. The students definitely came away realising the importance of company finance following that particular task.

As always we were blown away by the creativity of students at our events, particularly when it comes to designing their businesses logo and marketing their smoothie product. We’ve compiled together some great pieces from the events and other recent outings, which you can find on our Pinterest and Instagram accounts.

The most memorable moment had to be during the finals. We’ve recently incorporated a wild card system into the final rounds to test the best and spice up the finish. To our delight, the wildcard group took the room by storm. A moment of pure intuition and innovation had everyone on their feet applauding following the presentation. It took courage as one member stepped forward to sing their companies advert!

We can safely say the event was thoroughly enjoyable. Any opportunity we get to provide entrepreneurial programmes in school, we jump on. We could not have done it without the wonderful teachers, who helped everywhere, and the students who were so enthusiastic.

Be sure to check out the video of the event on our Youtube channel.

#TeamXing marches on!

Matt Bramall

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