We obviously think it's a great idea. We've seen the positive impact it has on young people's lives.

But don't take it from us: read some of the kind words below.

Archbishop Sentamu Academy, Hull

  • The pupils have learnt to "communicate orders to each other without having arguments"

    The benefits to the school far out way the initial cost. And we always make a profit

    Anne Lowe, Learning Coordinator
  • The pupils have learnt that when you work hard you get rewarded. The MD, Rob, saved up to buy himself a plasma tv and play station.
  • I have realised that I want to go on to study business at university
    Elouise, aged 15
  • I wouldn't say the pupils have become healthier over night. Some still go to the chippy. But they will always get a smoothie to go along with it now and have learnt benefits of eating more fruit. The pupils love it and so do the staff.
    Chris Mulqueen, Senior Vice Principle
  • I think it'll make me stand out when I go to get a job in the future
    Andi, aged 14
  • We've learnt to make decisions between ourselves. We don't wait for teachers to tell us what to do, we're the management.
    Rob, aged 15

Cottingham High School

  • The students have been involved from the start so they do feel they own the business. It has been an inspirational experience from them. I can see their confidence grow every day. Their involvement strengthens every day as they realise they are running this business.

    The skills they are learning and developing are preparing them for working life and further studies. They are working with students of all ages and backgrounds, providing customer service to peers and adults and thriving on the success of the business. Continually learning, every day. Learning from each other and from their mistakes.

    Vicky Mackinnon - Head of business, Cottingham High School

Huntington School, York

  • We thoroughly enjoyed working on the smoothie bar because it was a great success and has boosted our confidence in working with other people and has vastly improved our business skills and understanding of how a business works.  Also we hope to do something similar in the future. Thanks for your time!
    Pupil comment
  • The experience has been fantastic for all students involved.  They have taken part in the whole process from the beginning by choosing their flavours, designing their marketing, deciding on a pricing strategy and then actually making and serving the product.  The fact that they made over £600 is amazing especially as they were up against charity week taking place across the school.  I am very proud to have been part of this
    Nicky Wilson- Head of business, Huntington school York

Hessle High School, Hessle

  • We hope that this venture will help to establish a permanent enterprise culture in the school by creating a sustainable profit making business. The process is teaching the students to think independently and solve problems and we hope that it will also help them to work well in a team through good communication as well as manage and plan finances.

    Xing Smoothies have been a real inspiration and we’d like to thank them and Phil Benson, one of the founders, for spending their time guiding the students through the process. This time next year we look forward to reporting our first year’s profits!

    Louise Price, Head of Earth Science at Hessle High

Norbury Manor school, London

  • With there being a recession, students need to be employable when they step outside of school.

    If they're filling in their UCAS statements they have to make themselves stand out from the crowd. And if they're saying 'I've run my own business' rather than 'I listen to music with my friends' it makes them stand out.

    Tracey Scarsbrook, Deputy head teacher
  • This is my first time running a business and I'm really excited. Not a lot of people sell smoothies and we want to make them popular.
    Daniella Davidson, aged 17

John Whitgift Academy, Grimsby

  • We are trying to drive the standard of exam results, but they will only get young people to the interview stage – we need to teach them extra skills so that they are ready for the workplace.
    Mark Rushby, Principal
  • I've learned how to make real smoothies and how to work in a proper team, and I would be very interested in running a business when I leave school.
    Megan Hirst, aged 13
  • It's given me confidence and I want to be a chef, so it is really good on my CV, too.
    Ryan Cook, aged 13